Time to vote! Go vote on Strand/Adderley intersection.


Option 1: Strand Street Underground

This option postulates the removal of the underground concourse and placing Strand Street underground to release a large at-grade pedestrian space on the current road alignment.

  • Con: financial, operational and commercial considerations
  • Pro: public space

Option 2: Remove or Restrict Through Traffic via Ring Road System

This option looks at the possibility of removing traffic entirely from the intersection via the use of an external ring road system.

  • Con: requires provincial government involvement, time constraints, service and parking issues, traffic circulation issues
  • Pro: public space, best long term vision, dramatic pedestrian precinct, complement opportunities at Cape Town Statin Square

Option 3: Reduce Traffic Lanes and Landscape Upgrading

Reduction in the number of traffic lanes in both Adderley and Strand Streets,
along with well structured and co-ordinated landscaping intervention.

  • Con: congestion unresolved, damaged landscaping
  • Pro: realistic, implementable in short term, landscaping

     Option 4: Create piazza level over intersection

    This option involves the creation of a first floor level structure that traverses the intersection and links all four corners.

    • Con: financial, structural, aesthetic, compromising vistas, including Lion’s Head
    • Pro: international precedent, feasible