Cycling in Shanghai: A way of life

Cycling in Shanghai: A way of life

In June this year Rashiq Fataar traveled to Shanghai during our Eye on Shanghai feature, uncovering a China advancing at a rapid pace but still embracing transport of all kinds. In a city with an estimated 23 million people, the streets are filled with cyclists, cars, buses and motorcycles of all shapes and sizes, making cycling in this city an experience not for the faint-hearted. But amidst the chaos, albeit a functioning state of chaos, the wide boulevards, parks, public spaces and interesting communities make for a diverse visual feast on a scale seen only in a few mega-cities across the world.

We have compiled our 10 favourite images of cyclists and their bicycles during the trip to Shanghai.

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Rashiq Fataar

Founder and MD at Future Cape Town
Rashiq Fataar is the founder, Editor in Chief and Managing Director of Future Cape Town.