7 ideas from #CityTalk for Rio +20 : Jobs, Energy and Cities

Rio +20: Should Jobs, Energy and Cities be placed on top of the agenda?

by Joe Peach

With Rio+20 kicking off next week in Brazil, we decided to host our most recent #citytalk tweetchat on the topic of energy, jobs, and sustainable cities – three subjects noted as priority areas for the debate in Rio. Hundreds of people joined the discussion, including our many special guests from Siemens AG, and our conversation reached over 80,000 twitter users. Here’s some of our favourite tweets:

1. Measuring sustainable cities

Depending on your view, defining sustainability is either a critical component in making cities more sustainable, or a time-consuming distraction from getting actual work done. Here’s Stephan Volmer from Siemens’ thoughts on how we could measure ‘sustainable cities’:

2. Sustainable energy accessibility 1 in 5 people don’t have access to modern electricity, but energy accounts for 60% of greenhouse gas emissions. So how do make energy accessible and sustainable?


3. Green jobs and economic growth There’s a lot of talk about ‘green jobs’, but what does it mean? And are green jobs really the answer for our current economic struggles?



4. Using technology to make urban services more affordable

As cities in the developing and developed world struggle to balance their books, what role can technology play in making cities more economically efficient?

5. Which technologies have made cities more sustainable?

Technology is the critical component in creating a smart city, and a smart city has the potential to be more sustainable. But which technological developments are already making our cities more environmentally friendly?

6. Learning from sustainable countries

With the international sustainability debate often resulting in poor or non-existent commitments from countries, positive change is happening. Here’s a couple of countries we could learn something from on an urban scale:

7. Setting the agenda for Rio+20

With urban issues varying wildly across the globe, what should the focus at Rio+20?

Image courtesy of Fora do Eixo on flickr