A visualization of 5 million bicycle journeys in London

This amazing visualization of how humans travel by bicycle around central London was created by Jo Wood, a professor of visual analytics at City University. It shows a year of rides among users of the bike-sharing program Barclays Cycle Hire, and eventually structure emerges from the apparent chaos of journeys.

The visualization is particularly useful, as it provides insight into the various components that  can create an efficient and sustainable bicycle network or systems. From the location of docking stations, to the width of the routes towards high demand locations, to areas that simply require more bicycles and areas that need additional convincing that cycling is a better option.

Read the full research paper entitled “Visualizing the dynamics of London’s bicycle hire scheme”

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Rashiq Fataar

Founder and MD at Future Cape Town
Rashiq Fataar is the founder, Editor in Chief and Managing Director of Future Cape Town.

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