In Photos: Public Transport in Rio de Janeiro

From metro to cycle lanes, Rio de Janeiro, despite the vast distances between various parts of the City – makes for an interesting and often fun city to travel around. Major freeways, across the magnificent topography, make travel by cab to various parts of the city a bit risky (not only due to the “need for speed” cab drivers) due to the possibility of congestion. Allocating an hour to get around from A to B always makes sense. However, the BRT infrastructure being developed between various zones, and which is already complete along one route, offers the promise of more reliable travel times, a necessary component if Rio is to host a successful and operationally sound 2016 Olympic Games. Copacabana and Ipanema are easy to get around by foot, bicycle or metro, with regular buses, and more recently “hop-on hop-off” mini-buses becoming a regular sight along its wide boulevards.

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Rashiq Fataar

Founder and MD at Future Cape Town
Rashiq Fataar is the founder, Editor in Chief and Managing Director of Future Cape Town.