Cape Town in 2040


If we set aside our ideas and dreams for skytrains, spaceships and time travel, what are the values and beliefs which we should be working towards and embracing in Cape Town towards 2040 and beyond? Rashiq Fataar, founder and MD of Future Cape Town shares some ideals and principles that he believes should act as a guide and roadmap towards our shared future.

A regenerative city: Healthy and thriving

The Cape Town of our future is undergoing more than just a physical regeneration, but one, which takes shape socially, environmentally and economically. According to the World Futures Council,“the challenge is no longer just to create sustainable cities but truly regenerative cities, i.e. they must be planned and managed not just to be energy and resource-efficient and low carbon emitting, but also to become aware of ecosystem services they receive from beyond their boundaries, and to compensate for the environmental damage and resource exploitation associated with urban consumption patterns.”

In this kind of city, full awareness of the real-time state of its environment allows the city’s socio-economic and environmental strengths to work in unison to achieve broader aims with and for all the stakeholders and citizens.

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This article originally appeared at the Cape Town Tourism blog.

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Rashiq Fataar

Founder and MD at Future Cape Town
Rashiq Fataar is the founder, Editor in Chief and Managing Director of Future Cape Town.