What If – our harbour and waterfront told new stories?

What If is a week long series showcasing some of the imaginative work produced by the UCT Architecture Masters graduates of 2012. Free from the shackles of clients and time graduates are offered the opportunity to design the works our city never gets to see. Stretching our imaginations in directions we never thought to go these works provoke questions we ought to be asking.

What if The harbour’s break water became an arm of public space. Where people might fish, swim, sightsee and learn. Where a museum might educate tourists and locals alike and researchers might study the ocean. Where when not touring the Cape Agulhas can dock and be visited as a waterfront attraction. What if the wave action of the sea were used to produce clean electricity right before public eyes?

Project by Heidi McAllister

What if The V&A silos were re-purposed but maintained their integrity at a very reasonable cost. What if they were used as the South African National Library Book repository (responsible for all publications in S.A)? If existing mechanisms and the traditional silo process were adapted to store books, with an insertion of contemporary reading rooms as well as a dramatic restaurant overlooking the silos of knowledge.

Project by Calvin Stables