What If – we take back our quarrys?

What If is a week long series showcasing some of the imaginative work produced by the UCT Architecture Masters graduates of 2012. Free from the shackles of clients and time graduates are offered the opportunity to design the works our city never gets to see. Stretching our imaginations in directions we never thought to go these works provoke questions we ought to be asking.

What if One of the many quarrys scattered upon our mountain became more than just the scar of our industrial intentions. What if, the unusual and spiritual nature of the half made, half nature reclaimed sites was put to good use in the form of a crematorium where a series of thresholds comfort mourners as they take steps towards the letting go of a loved one. Before ending the spiritual journey in the space of the quarry itself?

Project by Ziyaad Majiet

What if The quarry that built our castle situated beside Bo-Kaap and Waterkant was uncovered and returned to seasonal operation as a quarry. In the wet season the quarry becomes a thermally heated public swimming location which is never the same two years in a row. What if the natural winds on site were exploited to create not only electricity but also beautiful orchestral sounds which rang out across the city.

Project by Matthew Dasneves

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