City Development Update: Roggebaai Place

Roggebaai Place render

Roggebaai Place render

Roggebaai Place render

Roggebaai Place render

    • Floors: 14
    • Type: Commercial
    • Developers: Braamcor
    • Contractors: Filcon
    • Crane Count: 1

In early 2010, after the anchor tenant pulled out, construction suddenly ground to a halt at the Roggebaai Square development in the foreshore. At the time construction had reached the first floor. After no movement on site for more than two years, rumours started circulating late last year that development would see a resurgence. This was confirmed when construction crews moved back on site in October 2012. While construction has been slow initially, the pace seemed to have picked up recently. Renders have been released on the new scheme, now renamed 167 On The Square. At this time it is believed that the developers are building on spec and that no anchor tenant has been secured.


7 July 2013


7 July 2013


13 February 2013


6 February 2013


24 November 2012


3 November 2012


27 October 2012 – Crane is erected


25 October 2012

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    haha, fantastic. saw this development going up and wondered what it could be… nice to actually get some insight

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