The Edible City

  • Heleen Mills

    It will be a dream to see Cape Town invest in such initiatives. But I am curious, is rooftop farming viable in Cape Town, considering the amount of wind we get in the city bowl?

    • OSlOlSO

      I think so, but they will definitely need to have enough protection from the wind. It can get very intense, ie. blown over trees on street level. Can’t even imagine how windy it must be a few 30+ metres above the ground.

      Look at the rooftop garden at the old Upper East Side Hotel in Woodstock

      • Steven Bland

        Check out this article on the fct website:
        which has a picture of the rooftop garden at 44 Wale Street. It’s a haven of greenery and vegetables- the wind hasn’t been a big problem so far with some protective measures in place. Stephen Lamb of tread the earth lightly is the pioneer of this and has big dreams of one giant farm on the rooftops of Cape Town…

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