8 ideas for startup cities

by Joe Peach of This Big City

Innovation, entrepreneurship, creative hubs… and so goes the list of buzz words that marked 2013. However, connecting the dots shows that these concepts correlate with one setting: cities. And it is increasingly true entrepreneurial activity is booming in urban settings given that they create the ideal ecosystems for innovation to happen. The startup city has become the cornerstone for today’s creative push, innovation and economic growth be it in business, to empower citizens or to enhance policy at local scale.

To mark 2013’s last #citytalk, This Big City and Future Cape Town asked the online community what were the most relevant elements for a start-up city to thrive.

Following are some of our favourite tweets from 2013’s end of the year #citytalk:

@MLLoring What comes first, the coffee or the startups? #citytalk #weprobablyshouldntstartthis

— Joe Peach (@joepeach) December 18, 2013


A1 Ingredients for start-up friendly city would be same as for any business, only cheaper and more accessible. #citytalk — Rory Williams (@carbonsmart) December 18, 2013


A1 The other requirement is that citizens and businesses don’t look to govt for everything – a start-up culture. #citytalk — Rory Williams (@carbonsmart) December 18, 2013


.@urbnist [A1] By May 2014 #Harlem NYC will have largest #wifi zone in country. Start-up neighborhood. #citytalk

— HowardFreeman (@meadonmanhattan) December 18, 2013


A2: I always recall how Estonia declared internet a human right and turned things around http://t.co/75AZSr6U6C #citytalk

— Rashiq Fataar (@RashiqFataar) December 18, 2013


[A4] Favorable taxation for small businesses and driving responsible real estate development. #citytalk — HowardFreeman (@meadonmanhattan) December 18, 2013

A4 Some govt agencies provide information or incentives geared to certain kinds of startup, which is limiting. #citytalk — Rory Williams (@carbonsmart) December 18, 2013


[A6] Peruvian Hernando de Soto et al. might argue there is a surplus of intellectual capital in the South waiting for North $$$. #citytalk

— HowardFreeman (@meadonmanhattan) December 18, 2013