Gallery: Kirstenbosch Treetop Walkway

Kirstenbosch Treetop Walkway

The construction of the Treetop Walkway at Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden is almost complete, and we have photographs of the most recent developments to share with you. We previously featured the Treetop Walkway (in its early stages) as one of our developments of the week.

The walkway meanders through the Arboretum, also known as the Enchanted Forest, in the Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden. The 130 metre long walkway is made from galvanised steel and timber, and will stretch 11 metres above the ground. Due to the snake-like twisting, the skeletal structure and its position above the trees, the walkway has been given the nickname ‘Boomslang’. The walkway will provide breathtaking views from the treetops of Table Mountain and the Cape Flats.

The walkway is expect to be completed in March, with the formal opening to the public in April. It will be free to all visitors that have paid to enter the garden.

Adam Harrower, a horticulturist at Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden, has kindly shared his remarkable photographs of the walkway.

Kirstenbosch Treetop Walkway

Kirstenbosch Treetop Walkway

Kirstenbosch Treetop Walkway

Kirstenbosch Treetop Walkway

Kirstenbosch Treetop Walkway

Kirstenbosch Treetop Walkway

Kirstenbosch Treetop Walkway

Kirstenbosch Treetop Walkway

Kirstenbosch Treetop Walkway

Kirstenbosch Treetop Walkway

Kirstenbosch Treetop Walkway

Kirstenbosch Treetop Walkway

For more information on the Treetop Walkway and what’s happening at Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens visit the SANBI website. Follow Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens on Twitter to keep up to date with what’s happening. @KirstenboschNBG.

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Nicholas Webb

Media and Communications.

  • Lycanthrope

    Fantastic! Look forward to doing this one day.

  • Can’t wait to try this out.

  • JacobZuma

    They have this in London Kew Gardens. Awesome walk

    • Why didn’t you get one for Nkandla? 😉

  • Gia

    Are these concept pictures or actuals? The 3rd picture down has a steel pipe going through a tree, yet the article seems to imply these are actual photos?

  • Mr Quik

    Looks wheelchair friendly, I hope it is and that wheelchair users be assisted if needed.

  • Bo

    Does anyone know if the walkway will be accessible to wheelchair users? Please could I encourage all wheelchair users to phone/e-mail Kirstenbosch to ask them to add provisions to make this walkway disabled friendly if they have not done so already. They are already spending mega bucks to make this walkway so they can just as well add a lift or ramp for those that are not able to climb stairs. This applies to the elderly and moms and dads with prams. This nature should be enjoyed by all! 🙂

    • pony

      It doesn’t look wide enough to accommodate two wheel chair users to pass each other…unless the walkway is one-way only?

  • Now you can get mugged while high!

  • Natural

    Personally I don’t like it. It looks like someone put a rollercoaster in a forest. Not very aesthetically pleasing – takes away from the natural beauty, which is what humans generally do I suppose.

    • naeem

      if you look at it in the base white, then yes its very much an eyesore, but i’m hoping (and assuming) they’ll paint the rails a more neutral color like green, brown or cream, and have wooden floorboards which should blend it quite nicely.

    • Pony

      It does stand out, which isn’t a bad thing because it takes real design know how to create a curving path that is structurally sound…always remember that a little ‘eye sore’ looking up at it form the ground is a small compromise for the views that one can see from being on the walkway itself…

    • Natural

      Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s a great idea and will give many people an opportunity to explore an indigenous forest from a completely different perspective. Perhaps it will even cause more people to respect nature and leave it be where possible. I would just have liked it to have been done in a more organic way, ropes, wood, maybe a combination of steel and organic materials, that would have been ideal. It would possibly have even added to the forest. But I guess with the volumes of people expected, that wouldn’t be feasible. Maybe the floor will be of wood?

      • Sarah

        It’s not finished in these photos, this is just base construction – if you see it now you will find it covered with wooden deck and railing, and painted dark green : )