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WATCH: What if Cape Town knocked down its freeways?

What are some ways in which downtown Cape Town can be re-imagined?  A few key changes could fundamentally change the way the Cape Town bowl is integrated in with the harbour and sea. By moving the elevated freeway and current parking lots underground, the city gains not only space crucial to development, but also increased access to waterfront views. This proposed addition of two canals parallel to one another and flowing into the sea would also increase this area’s natural flow. If this new land were to be split in between business and tourism as he indicates, the city as a whole stands to profit.

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  • Sean Dayton

    Cool video! But can we please redirect our attention to how we can persuade Transnet to allow public access to the water’s edge? The freeways don’t actually block access – Transnet’s high fences do, and as we have seen with the Gardens bridge (and what you can see in Johannesburg in Newtown), through movement under freeways is possible if you have a concentration of activity around the space, rather than having the current dead space.

  • Mark Molema

    I think this would be awesome for Cape Town. Really think they should consider this! Highways are an eye-sore anyways.

  • Lucia Giesler

    Great principles in this presentation (market, visibility, waterways) and I would love to see something like this come to pass! Thank you for sharing the vision.

  • http://www.livinginthehereandnow.co.za/ beachcomber

    Brilliant concept, but try getting the City of Cape Town to think further than the next pay check is just impossible with their small-minded mentality. I have been trying for a year to get the Metro Police to stop ONE taxi pair from treating Main Rd Simon’s Town like their own private lunatic asylum with no success.

    You could of course approach the Chinese who have built a city of 8.8 sq kms outside Luanda – up to now vacant ….

  • sbjpp

    The video is imaginative but extremely expensive. IMO the freeways must be completed, thereafter a whole host of shopping precincts can be created under the arches (so to speak) These shopping areas should be entered from both sides (dockside and city side) Currently they are parking areas. These parking areas can be moved to the Culemborg site and connected by FREE TRANSPORT once you have paid YOUR PARKING FEE.
    The other areas which can be developed are
    (A) the railway line on the sea front in front of Paarden Eiland. Reasonable highrise apartments would add to the city centre living areas as these are close enough to use MyCiti. The businesses don’t need seaviews (reduces productivity)
    (B) the unused rail lines from Ysterplaat westwards into Culemborg can also be given over to Highrise apartment blocks. Again close enough to city centre to use MyCiti.(don’t need carparks for all these residents)

  • Johannes Paulus Visagie

    The concept must take industrial expansion into consideration. The existence of Cape Town depends on it ports and most business revolve around it. Tourists will make use of aviation to visit the city because a Crouse liner will take to long to reach the southern point of Africa.