Cape Town’s MyCiTi system: 5 important changes

This October a number of changes will take place with Cape Town’s MyCiTi BRT system. The Adderley Street station will be opening and will connect the new BRT system with the very important suburban rail network at Cape Town Station. A number of other changes to routes will also be made. Here we recap 5 changes coming from October 2014.

Adderly Street Station a week before its official opening to the public. Photo by @andre_wessels

Adderley Street Station a week before its official opening to the public.
Photo by @andre_wessels

1. Adderley Street Feeder Station will open from 4 October

Probably the most significant change to the whole MyCiTi experience will be the opening of this six-platform station that will connect the 102, 103, 105 106, 107, 108 and 109 lines with Cape Town train station. This will mean smoother connections with rail and other lines and the station will become the new termination station for the 108 (Hangberg) and 109 (Houtbay) lines. You can also see our previous post on the construction plans on the Adderley Street Station.

Adderly Street Station connection


2. The Waterfront Trunk Station will open from 4 October

This will provide a first-class connection with South Africa’s number one tourist destination. This station will now be able to accommodate people with disabilities, parent’s with prams and the elderly much better.

3. Numerous changes to timetables and routes throughout the network will take place from different dates in October


Timetables for various routes have been adjusted according to actual passenger demand. Changes will take place for both off-peak and peak time periods. This means that you may either see more buses or fewer buses depending if your route (and the time period) is a very busy or quite service.

From 4 October, timetable changes will take place to the 101, 102, 103, 104 and 105 (mostly Citybowl area) routes which can be found here.

From 11 October, timetable changes will take place to the 213, 214, 215, 216 and 217 (mostly Table View area) routes which can be found here.

From 18 October, timetable changes will take place to the 106, 107, 108, 109 and A01 (mostly Sea Point-Houtbay area) routes which can be found here.

From 25 October, timetable changes will take place to the 230, 231, 232, 233 and 236 (mostly Melkbosstrand and Atlantis areas)  routes which can be found here.


From 4 October, 101 & 103 will have ‘101a’ and ‘103a’ versions which do not continue into Vredehoek or Gardens – passengers that would like to continue onwards to these suburbs will need to interchange at the Gardens Station. The 104 line will be extended to the Waterfront Silo complex. More info here.

From 11 October, changes to routes 214 and 217 will be done. More info here.

From 18 October, the 106 and 107 Campsbay – Waterfront Silo routes will now terminate at the Civic Centre. You’ll need to use 104 to get from Civic Centre to the Waterfront Silo complex. Routes 108 and 109 will now not stop at Queens Beach, and they will terminate at the Adderley Street Station (you will need to change to other lines to continue to the Civic Centre). A new 108a route will be launched that only operates between Queens Beach Station and the Civic Centre Station. The A01 Airport route will not stop at the Civic Centre and not continue to the V&A Waterfront as previously. More info here.


The MyCiTi system from 4 to 18 October. Click for a larger image.

The MyCiTi system from 4 to 18 October. Click for a larger image.

4. Introduction of single-trip cards (ie. non-MyConneCT tickets)

These tickets will come at a hefty price of R30 (for a single trip including all transfers) or R75 (for a single trip including all transfers and a connection to the airport), but will be welcomed by many in those dire moments when you need to only use it once (where the price is comparable to private taxi’s and a connection between Cape Town International). How this will work, we are not yet sure – more details should be announce closer to the time.

5. Route 113 that served Three Anchor Bay – Fresnaye – Sea Point will be cancelled from 6 October 2014

This route that not many people know will be cancelled due to low passenger demand. We guess it would’ve done better had it been connected by stations on either side. That termination stop in Three Anchor Bay was a pretty arbitrary decision.

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  • Jetto Kalavadakken

    thanks for the update.

  • M. Graaf

    Rumour was that express buses would appear on the Civic/Table View route, even if only at peak hours. These would save vast amounts of fuel and time. I and many others have requested this on the feedback page of the MyCiti site.