FUTURE CAPE TOWN | Ideas for the future of Paarden Eiland

“some of those buildings would make amazing apartments”

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Future Cape Town asks Twitter how the industrial neighbourhood of Paarden Eiland can reinvent itself to contribute to the future of the city.

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Paarden Eiland, a large industrial area located between Salt River and Milnerton, could be a buzzing district with a vast expanse of green lungs, radical public spaces, towering warehouse restaurants, public libraries, outside pavilions and sleek steel bus shelters on every corner.

We are questioning the potential of the unsung hero. The industrial area is already boasting the beginnings of a somewhat decent mobility network interlacing harbour, rail, bicycle paths and MyCiti routes , proving it is destined for regeneration.

The Liesbeek River runs through parts of Cape Town’s Southern Suburbs, to eventually join the Black River to empty into Table Bay at Paarden Eiland.

However, our main thoughts are whether Cape Town’s industrial areas are hindering the relationship between people and place. Are they standing in the way of town and township? The development and integration of Cape Town’s industry districts will weave the city back together. We ask Capetonians for their ideas in our #urbanQ series.


  • In 2013, a proposed spatial framework for Milnerton South to Paarden Eiland  was drafted as a series of projects guiding the visions for urban transformation. The local planning initiative focuses on rejuvenation opportunities linking public environment to it’s residents.
  • Future plans of the area include a green park that will stretch from the central city into the industrial areas through the Zoar Vleiland. A raised promenade is proposed for the Paarden Eiland seafront, where traders can sell their bric-a-brac, in the same line as the current Milnerton Flea Market.
  • An open day on 11 September 2013 at the Milnerton library allowed for viewing and comment on the draft framework.
  • It is home to large showrooms and spaces which manufacture a vast range of things.