City of Cape Town plans R333 million for informal settlement upgrades over next 3 years


Image Credit: Media Office, City of Cape Town

The Draft Budget for the 2016/17 to 2018/19 financial year for the City of Cape Town’s Human Settlements Directorate proposes more than R333 million spend on the provision of services to Council-unit backyard dwellers and the upgrade of informal settlements across the metro.

For the first year, it is proposed that the Human Settlements Directorate will spend approximately R134 million on backyarder and informal settlement upgrade projects across the city, including in 8ste Laan (Valhalla Park) Kalkfontein (Kuils River) and Sweet Homes (Philippi).

This forms part of the Directorate’s total planned budget for the new financial year of R1,7 billion. It also includes proposed allocations for new housing projects expected to start in the latter part of the year and the upgrade and maintenance of housing rental stock.

The City’s aim of increasing the successful roll-out of services to backyard dwellers and the upgrade of informal settlements over the next years will be absolutely dependent on the cooperation of the communities involved and the support from the beneficiaries and other partners.


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  1. Magali von Blottnitz

    Hello FutureCapeTown! Thanks so much for this article, I’ve been looking for that information for a while and got lost on the Cape Town website…
    Do you have more details about the numbers? I would love to know how the amount breaks down between the Backward dwellers side, and the Informal settlement side… Also, do you have a contact person at the City who deals with this?

    1. Future Cape Town

      It is a pleasure! We received information on this via a media release from the City of Cape Town, this might give you a bit more information: the contact information for Councillor Benedicta van Minnen. Also, you can possibly contact the office of Alderman Marian Niewoudt.

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