ACSA plans to realign its main runway at the Cape Town International Airport

ACSA Airport Runway Dev Update

The Airports Company of SA (Acsa) plans to realign its main runway at the Cape Town International Airport. The realigned runway will comply with all the regular international regulations and also allow much larger commercial aircrafts such as the Airbus A380 to utilise the airport.

Yet, it raises concerns about the living conditions of the nearest residents and the noise impact on their neighbourhoods. A noise study found the impact on the project would be “very high” if unmitigated, and “high” when mitigated.

runway-plans ACSA Airport

“With predicted exceedances of noise level guidelines in residential areas up to 15km from the airport, a significant number of people may experience impacts on their quality of life. Conversely, many others (though fewer) will experience reduced noise levels,which may improve quality of life,” said the report. To mitigate the effects of noise pollution in future, environmental practitioners advise noise contours be revised every five years to account for changed policies, improved technologies, altered flight paths and schedules.

realigned-runway ACSA Airport

The R3.2 billion project will involve extending the primary runway to 3 500m in length, with parallel and rapid exit taxiways, that will allow for larger, Code F aircraft like the Airbus 380, to land.

Between 900 and 3 200 people will be newly and directly employed by Acsa in the long term.

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