In Paris, Sharyn Sassen shares placemaking learnings at World Convergences Forum.

In September 2018, Sharyn Sassen, a project consultant for Our Future Cities represented the organisation at the 11th World Convergences Forum in Paris.

The conference provides a platform for thought on issues of exclusion, poverty and climate change by bringing together public, private, and solidarity-based actors to promote the Sustainable Development Goals. The 2018 Convergences Forum gathered 3000 participants from various sectors to share best practices and create high-impact partnerships for tackling the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). Sharyn Sassen sat on a panel alongside Luca Pupulin (IMPACT Initiative), Gerals Maradan (EcoAct) and Mahmoud Mohieldin (World Bank) to discuss SDG 11: “The Cities of Tomorrow”.

The session focussed on how to build more inclusive, sustainable and resilient future cities in the face of the global population explosion. Sassen shared learnings from some of the Future Cape Town projects on tackling exclusion and discrimination through placemaking, partnerships and strategies that improve the accessibility of our cities for all.  See more here.

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