Future Cape Town is a media movement and urban consultancy founded by Rashiq Fataar in 2010.

With our roots firmly in the present, and eyes on the full potential of the city we live, play and work in, Future Cape Town is a diverse collection of minds that are driven by sustainable and innovative ways to address modern urban design challenges. We offer our opinion through cooperation and collaboration. In doing so, we promote an inspired and active citizenry, a reliable and innovative government and public sector, and a private sector willing to invest in projects that offer change in new ways. We consider the model of partnerships to be a feasible and sustainable way forward. We believe it offers value to all partners, while ultimately benefiting communities.

Driven by our focus of “Inspiring a more liveable Cape Town” and through our projects and initiatives, we serve as a platform that brings different stakeholders together, promoting the acceleration of urban change.

We invest significantly in our social media influence and online presence; these we considered key tools in stimulating active citizenry and creating meaningful public participation techniques and methods.