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The Big Picture: Top 10 Bicycle-Friendly Design Elements in Copenhagen

Copenhagenize Design Company explores the Top 10 Design Elements that make Copenhagen a bicycle-friendly city.
What does it take? What are the design ingredients that have been mixed together to create the bicycle-friendly Copenhagen outside our office windows?

The Cities This Week: Edition 31

News and views from cities around the world this week.

Citibikes are a pain in the ass

“New York City is the greatest place on earth — but living here is a huge pain in the ass,” says filmmaker Casey Neistat in his short documentary. And what makes it oh-so-painful? The simple task of getting from Point A to Point B.

Development plan for Harare

The Harare City Council is set to reveal its five-year development plan for Zimbabwe’s capital. It aims to attract investment and improve service delivery and job creation in the city. The plan is to rely on strategic partnerships and loan funding to achieve programmes.

The Cities This Week: Edition 30

News and views from cities around the world this week.

WATCH: The Future of Cities

We’re urbanising at over 1 million people a week! What does this mean for tomorrow’s cities? How will people, businesses and governments cope?

Visions of African urban futures yet to come

What future can be hoped and planned for in the liminal flux of uncertainty, change and displacement? There is no future. There is only survival and adaptation, playing it by fear. But new visions of African urban futures, driven by local political elites and the dazzling CGI of large international planning, design and property development firms, are quickly emerging.

Not flying close enough to the sun: what Prague has in common with the southern tip of Africa

While standing in a very long queue at Passport Control, Pamela Hellig had time to consider the surprising parallel histories of Prague and Cape Town, and the years it takes for cities to heal.

WATCH: Bike Life

A short clip which features all kinds of bike riders from across the world. Different kinds of people, different cultures, utilising bicycles for different reasons.

Community Aesthetics in Heliópolis

Heliópolis is known as one of the most densely populated neighborhoods in São Paulo, with 120,000 people living in an area of less than one square mile. Legend has it that architect Ruy Ohtake once called it the ugliest part of the city, prompting members of the UNAS community organization to ask him to help make it beautiful.