9 ideas for better public participation

Future Cape Town hosted its third summit on the topic of public participation and engagement. Public engagement can be difficult, but when we brought together thought leaders from different sectors at our last summit it created a fertile ground for an amazing amount of ideas. Here we include nine ideas how to tackle public participation.

Bold City: Bold Design Experiments

Bold Idea: Tsai Design Studio presented on a number of bold design experiments, which use innovative ideas to serve practical purposes. They are bold in nature because they challenge existing design norms around sustainability.

WATCH: How Food Shapes Our Cities

How does food shape our cities? Carolyn Steel uses food as a medium to “read” cities to understand how they work.

Going With the Grain: New Breed of Rice Raises Hopes for Kenya’s Domestic Rice Production

In Kenya’s bid to reduce its reliance on rice imports, a new strain that uses less water and has high nutritional value could prove significant.

Losing Farmland is Forever

In Cape Town, the Philippi Horticultural Area, a major source of employment and food security is under threat from encroaching development. Future Cape Town’s Brett Petzer analyses the city’s about-face on supporting development in the area.

The facts: Philippi Horticultural Area

[ August 6, 2013; 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm. ] The Phillipi Horticultural Area (PHA) has been in the spotlight of later as the Mayor of Cape Town pushes through a recommendation which could see housing being developed on this land. In anticipation of the decision, the Phillippi community and Greater Cape Town Civic Alliance have shared their facts on the matter.

Empowering the urban poor through changes in aid distribution by Urban Africa

Funding small-scale, community-based urban development projects could change the face of cities.

WATCH: Bold City: A Future Cape Town mini-conference

Watch our short video of Future Cape Town’s first mini conference: Bold City

Garden Roofs: Local Realities

Garden Roofs: International Inspirations explored the overarching benefits of garden roofs by touching on some of the most inspirational garden roof projects across the globe. It essentially raised a rather open-ended question surrounding the potential role of garden roofs in creating a more sustainable and liveable Cape Town. Karla Booysen approached Jaco Ferreira from Advanced Green Roofs (AGR), an organisation specialising in the distribution of garden roofs in and around Cape Town, US and Canada, to shed some light on the subject.