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New cities summit

Highlights from Dallas’ World Cities Summit

Check out a short video review of this year’s New Cities Summit held in Dallas, Texas.


Using games to re-imagine Khayelitsha’s central business district



The subject of focus for the Play the City workshop was the central business district of Khayelitsha, South Africa’s second largest township. Khayelitsha represents a unique case due to its virtual lack of urban planning, public amenities or a city centre.
Despite over 400,000 people living within its borders, the district faces resource shortages, a lack of formal [...]

food security

Food Security in the South African Context

Department of Design hosted a food security workshop aimed at conceptualising key areas in which food production can be improved. Our review highlights key opinions from a variety of participants.


Agri Meets Design: Event Review

How can the Philippi horticultural area be preserved and/or improved for future use? A review of Department of Design’s event, “Agri Meets Design” invited individuals from a wide range of expertise to come together in order to envision creative solutions.

Mamelodi Pod, a home and temporary soccer club with solar electricity and rain water harvesting. Image Courtesy of Architecture for a Change

Spotlight South Africa: Three Designs Instilling Dignity & Defeating Stigma

How do you undo centuries of inequality? How do you overturn an inequality so ingrained in a culture that it manifests itself physically – in the architecture of its homes and in the misshapen nature of its cities?


The Cities This Week: Jozi Edition

The Cities this Week takes us to economic hub of South Africa and Africa. From taxis with wifi to new housing functions, we look at what big city news is coming from Jozi.


The emerging role of fashion tourism in Lagos, Nigeria

The fashion industry is a multibillion dollar industry globally and Kenya, Amsterdam, and South Africa have begun to look into this industry for economic gain. Nigeria is following suit.

Prototype fire detection device by Khusela.

Fire detectors to prevent shack fires wins International Innovation Prize

A low-cost fire detection device, designed in Cape Town, and specifically targeting shacks and townships has won the People’s Choice Award at the Global Social Venture 2014 Competition.

A woman casts her vote at a polling centre
Source: www.bbc.co.uk

Elections across Africa:

Nigerian elections are happening in 2015 and the world is looking to see what changes and developments the next elected president will bring.

Inner City Ideas Cartel 1

Collaboration in the Inner City

As of recent, a very welcoming trend has been knocking at our doors. This trend is in the form of collaboration and knowledge sharing