Will youth voices be heard on global Climate Change and Energy issues?

How can we continue to discuss the world’s energy and climate future without meaningfully engaging the generation of people who will be affected most by it?

Liveable Cities: Top 10 Articles of 2012

We unveil your the 10 most popular articles at Future Cape Town in 2012, based on your clicks.

Cape Town cruise terminal approved

Cape Town could see a new cruise terminal developed at Table Bay Harbour by 2015.

Cape Town prioritizes new rail link to ease congestion

Transport for Cape Town prioritizes the Blue Downs Line as the next major rail intervention in the metropolitan region.

The Artscape Centre as a pedestrian sees it

Artscape and the Future

What would a better Artscape look like? Brett Petzer explores the possibilities of a different future for Cape Town’s Opera House.

Mega-events and citizens

Is there a link between mega-events and human rights? Jay Naidoo and Danny Jordaan discuss the aspects of mega-events which impact on human development.

Cities without borders?

What can the founding of ancient Rome teach us about the future? Trevor Sudano hypothesizes about the trajectory of boundaries and how evolving cities should respond.

Alternative measures of Cape Town’s car addiction

Can the count of car-related businesses act as a barometer of the car dominated world that is Cape Town? Gareth Pearson explores the streets to find out more.

The Western Cape Economy and You

Brett Petzer takes you on a whistle-stop tour of the Western Cape Treasury’s “Provincial Economic Review and Outlook” (PERO) report.

Transport Month: Cape’s traffic signals go green

For Transport Month 2012, the City of Cape Town has completed retrofitting all traffic lights in the City, which will see the city saving 11 818MW hours of electricity per year.