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Five Fantastic Ideas for Public Furniture

In the search for public furniture there is great deal to be considered; cities need to consider the socio-economic history of an area as well as the surrounding community’s hopes for the area’s future. The ability of great public furniture to inspire innovation and pride can uplift a community and revitalise public spaces. A spirit undeniably embodies in these five fantastic ideas for public furniture.

Infographic: Fastest Growing African Cities

This is the second in a series of infographics presented by the UIU team on urban issues in Africa and the rest of the world. At 3.9% per year (World Bank), Africa’s urban population growth rate is the highest in the world. In 2010 47 cities in Africa had a populations of over one million and this is continuing to grow.

City Development Update: Touchstone House

Portside and 22 Bree seems to have been a catalyst for new developments in Cape Town’s growing foreshore. Work has started on Touchstone House, a newly launched sectional title office development in lower Bree Street, diagonally across the road from both Portside and 22 Bree. The scheme incorporates the old Touchstone warehouse facade, built in 1895. The warehouse occupied the site until it was gutted in a fire a few years ago. The estimated cost of the development is around R200 million.

In Photos: New York and Hurricane Sandy

New York in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. Captured in photos by our New York based contributor Andre-Pierre du Plessis

City Space: Molteno Reservoir – What could it become?

Those of you who have been painstakingly searching for a venue to host your three-legged biathlon, take a deep sigh of relief. I have found a location that not only covers the stipulated 800m distance but also provides aquatic facilities.

In Pictures: Olympic Decay

Olympic Cities can spend billions in preparation for their hosting duties but without a long-term strategy what happens to Olympic infrastructure once the Games leave town?

In Photos: Copacabana for Cape Town

Editor of Future Cape Town, Rashiq Fataar, recently visited Rio de Janeiro. In light of recent propositions to create a Copacabana-style beach route from Muizenberg to Gordon’s Bay, FCT offers a visual exploration of the original Copacabana.

Better Stations, Better Cities

by Robert Bowen
Each day we struggle with the remnants of Modernism, I’m not talking in this case of the giant windy spaces between oversized concrete monoliths. No today I’m talking the result of modern planning. Today things are put into zones, we abide by a zoning scheme. A ridiculous concept really, considering cities are far too […]

First look at Adderley Street MyCiTi Bus Station

by Rouen Smit
Renderings have emerged of the proposed MyCiTi Bus Station in Adderley street. This will be the main connecting station for train commuters to the MyCiTi Bus inner city Feeders and extended IRT network.

View of proposed MyCiTi Bus feeder station from the Adderley Fountains.

Seven of the eight feeder routes will stop at this three-platform MyCiTi […]

Cape Town Without The Foreshore Freeways

Cape Town’s Foreshore freeway strangles the city and cuts it (and its people) off from the Port and water’s edge. With a comparison to San Francisco’s Embarcadero, Gareth Pearson questions what would happen if we did away with the Foreshore section of Nelson Mandela Boulevard altogether.