The Future of Transport is about Sharing

Urban transport’s third revolution: sharing systems. More than gadgets for blasé urban dwellers, Justinien Tribillon analyses why and how these schemes constitute a growing trend in urban transportation infrastructures.

Bold City: Students design innovative bus station

At Bold City 3.0, UCT graduate students presented The Loop Project, which they collectively designed while working across 3 continents. The brief was to design a bus transit centre, with a strong focus on the use of BIM (building information modelling).

Bold City: What next for transport in Cape Town?

Mobility and access continues to be a major challenge in Cape Town with fragmented transport services leading to spatial poverty traps for many Cape Town residents. Cllr Brett Heron speaks about these challenges.

INFOGRAPHIC: eTolls, how SA compares globally

This infographic looks at the direct costs of driving on Gauteng’s toll roads and evaluates how the fees we pay compare to other countries around the world. As well as looking at a Rand cost per kilometre, we also calculate the proportion of our salaries that would be spent on toll fees for a daily 80km commute.

Design the City: Western Area of Voortrekker Road Corridor

How would you design the Western area of the Voortrekker Road corridor? On November 12th, the Future Cape Town team attended the first of three “Design the City” seminars.

Bold City: Future Stations

Dr. Luyanda Mphalwa of Design Space Africa is responsible for the design of up to 5 train stations to be completed revamped in the Metro South-East of Cape Town. He presents on future stations as integrated hubs at our 3rd Bold City conference.

Cycling in the City: Rodney Dicks

Cycling in the City is a special Transport Month 2013 feature interviewing cyclists about their experiences as a cyclist in different communities and cities. Today we meet Rodney Dicks.

Why no Parklets, Jozi?

A city is activated through its people. Through it’s energy along the streets. And this energy, is sourced from the human scale – not a vehicular one.

Cape Town’s park for people: The Company Gardens

The Company Gardens is one of 11 public parks in the City of Cape Town, that is the first to be reviewed in a series of articles. While on a tandem bike, Anade Situma and friend Thandi, discover the people, spaces, places and history that make the Company Gardens a fascinating part of Cape Town’s past, present and future.

6 cities designing transport for women

The combination of the October’s Transport Month and some very British headline news inspired Pamela Hellig to think about how much a city’s public transport system – and the invaluable mobility it provides – can contribute to or detract from the empowerment of women around the world.