Bigger Cape Town International Airport runway expected to start construction at end of 2014.

A realigned Cape Town International Airport runway is expected to start construction through six phases aiming to be completed by 2017. The new runway will be a slightly longer, but much wider to accomodate big commercial aircrafts such as the Airbus A380.

Life In The Bike Lane

This video shows some perspectives on cycling in the city of Philadelphia. Cyclists do not feel safe on the streets.

A Tramway Arrives in Casablanca

The municipal government of Casablanca has recently completed a $1.6 billion tramway that connects much of the city’s east and west sections via the centre. Such lines are becoming a global trend, promoted as environmentally sustainable and socially equitable urban renewal.

The Cities this Week: Edition 3

The news and views from cities around the world this week.

Snapping New York Subway for a year

Video made from photos of people taken on New York’s subway.

Are Cape Town’s streets safe enough?

On 23 January, Future Cape Town attended and participated in a ‘Walk & Talk’ event hosted by Open Streets Cape Town. The walked started at Prestwich Memorial Square, heading to Bree street on the ‘fan walk’ and then walking up Bree street and ending on Heritage square.

The heaven and hell of public transport in the US: Exit fares and 90’s sitcoms

Having traveled to various US cities, Andre-Pierre du Plessis shares his perspectives on the effectiveness of various transport modes, from the East Coast to the West Coast.

Mobility is key to every aspect of our lives, so why is it halted?

Some things will happen, no matter what procedural process or policies they are required to go through. So why then, has the MyCiTi bus system once again fallen victim to postponements, which is prohibiting competition, stifling economic progress and denying the right to decent transport.

Future Cape Town Tour: Night-Walk of the Central City

Future Cape Town Director, Rashiq Fataar, hosted Blue, The Network on an exciting night-walk tour of the Central City. Watch a short review of the event.

Liveable Cities: Top 10 Articles of 2012

We unveil your the 10 most popular articles at Future Cape Town in 2012, based on your clicks.