Faith in cycle freedom

The path to an (albeit fabricated) all-inclusive sense of freedom to cycle around Africa’s city of mothers and surfers often comes obscured with confused climate and stubborn motorists. So when elements actually do come together to support this adventure to cycle to work, it deserves airing.

The Lone Cyclists looks at Thibault Square MyCiTi Stop

Never far from the real action in Cape Town’s streets (or public transport offerings), Future Cape Town’s @aiBester zoomed into the Thibault Square MyCiti Bus Station in the CBD, shortly after its official launch on 31 October.

#TransportMonth from Zaragoza: Spain’s beautiful trains and stations

Spain really has the most beautiful and punctual train system in Europe (I almost said the World). I think I am allowed to say this as I spent a proper month and a half in Europe, from Ireland, to as far as Poland. Not only are the trains fast, modern and more comfortable than an […]

#TransportMonth from Cape Town: Just another train commute in South Africa…

by Rouen Smit

So the one day I decided to take a train into the CBD, as it was near 4pm and I definitely did not want to sit in the bumper-to-bumper traffic outbound on the N2, Metrorail totally messed up . I love taking the train, but honestly – if I have other means of […]

How can Cape Town use design to improve the Mfuleni Taxi Rank?

How can Cape Town use design to improve or rethink the Mfuleni Taxi Rank?

#TransportMonth from Cape Town: BMW in the cycle lanes

by Adriaan Bester

As much as public transport in Cape Town is a priority to some, and a dream for city planners, its far from being a state of mind to all. Motorists battle firstly to reduce time spent in their pricy cars, and when they do, still find newly built cycle lanes convenient to park […]

MyCiTi bus system heads to Cape Flats from 2014

The Metro South East (MSE) which includes Khayelitsha, Mitchell’s Plain and the broader Cape Flats area could be benefit from the expansion of the MyCiTi bus system from as early as 2014. The MSE which according to the City of Cape Town is responsible for the majority of total public transport activity in the metro […]

Congested Cities Week: Our favourite articles from Mobility Magazine

Here are some of our favourite articles from Mobility Magazine for the Congested Cities Week

Congested Cities Week: The Rise of the Overcrowds

The secret is out – everywhere you look cities are mushrooming, and people go flocking. A flock of people migrating to cities quickly creates more than just crowds, it creates Overcrowds. These Overcrowds breath, eat, sleep, work, play and most of all move.

Congested Cities Week: Which factors in Cities are correlate to traffic congestion

What are some of the factors impacted by or correlated to traffic congestion? The Correlation Heatmap in the Cities of Opportunity report by PWC provides a useful tool.