Voices Of The City: Ladipo Eso | FUTURE LAGOS

“Emotions run high in Lagos and you are always driven to feel angry, or frustrated, but it takes a lot of personal effort to channel that into some kind of creativity.”
This week we meet with Ladipo Eso, the Lagos-based rapper who channels his experiences of the city into creative vignettes and wordplay.

Voices of the City is […]

Matthew Yglesias (via lifeonfoot)

Progressives and urbanists need to move beyond their romance with central planning and get over their distaste for business and developers. Conservatives need to take their own ideas about economics more seriously and stop seeing all proposals for change through a lens of paranoia and resentment. Lastly, politicians of both parties who like to complain […]

Housing in the 2050 City: An interview with Tsai Design

“Design must go up, dense and compact”, is an approach that is often hailed as the solution for informal settlement upgrading. It is a model followed by most American Housing Projects. These popularly known “Projects” are now infamous for a number socio-economic problems, including crime, violence, gang-related activity, and dis-enfranchisement. Considering, similar models are being […]

Cities Feature: Urban Identity – How you shape your city and how your city shapes you.

We hosted our third #citytalk tweetchat on Wednesday with Philips Livable Cities and the discussion was as interesting as it was fast-paced – VERY. The topic under discussion was centred around the identities of citizens and cities and how these two relate (Read the full Preview) The resulting conversations were fascinating (and kudos to @harry_verhaar – Philips’ […]