London 2012 Olympics

Future Cape Town brings you a host of Olympics related articles, views and media that will keep you busy off the track.

One year after the Olympic Games, check out London’s Olympic Park transformation currently underway, here.

1) #CityTalk: Olympic Join the conversation on Twitter by clicking here.

2) Will London 2012 be the first sustainable Olympics ever?

3) Olympic Citizen: London by Rob Henson

4) Olympic Cities: Legacies by Melissa Meyer

5) What is the point of hosting the Olympic Games? by Joe Weissmann

6) Our Top 5 Olympic Venues by Robert Bowen

7) The Top 5 Ugliest Olympic Structures by Mayra Hartmann

8) Olympic Citizen: Beijing Pt.1 by Jingyang XU

9) In Photos: 5 iconic London Olympic Sites

10) One of the brains behind London’s Olympic Park: Interview with Guy Briggs. Part 1 and Part 2

11) London 2012: Jumping on the “gees” bandwagon by Mayra Hartmann

12) Olympic Citizen: Sydney by Jessica Patterson

13) 8 ideas about Olympic Cities from #CityTalk

14) Rethinking urban stadium designs by Adam Nowek

15) Olympic Citizen: Rio de Janeiro by Beatriz Watanabe

16) In 180 seconds: Barcelona’s Olympic Transformation

17) London 2012: Underground by Joe Peach

18) In Pictures: Olympic Decay by Melissa Meyer

19) What if Cape Town had won its bid to host the Olympic Games? by Rashiq Fataar

20) Archives: Cape Town’s 2004 Olympic bid venues

21) Olympic Cities: Urbanisation and Basketball success by Theodore Brown

22) Rio to host the 2016 Olympic Games: Will they do it right? by Claudia Huerta

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