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This is how we transform cities, communities and spaces.

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We are based out of Cape Town. Our experience is in South African and African contexts but we work in cities worldwide.

Our network brings together specialists from various backgrounds – including planners, anthropologists, actuaries, designers and researchers – united by our passion for cities and willingness to engage with urban issues. We are led by Rashiq Fataar, a respected urbanist with a long history of work in the field.

We lead, co-create and deliver projects which align with our goals of more visionary, sustainable and inclusive cities for all.

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> Facilitating the development vision and urban strategy for sports precincts, neighbourhoods and city districts
> Identifying challenges and opportunities on a city-region scale and building in foresight
> Managing processes to enhance collaboration with planners, designers, engineers and all professionals involved
> Overseeing design or planning competitions and charrettes tapping into our vast national and global network
> Developing the overarching placemaking strategy for the area or project
> Conducting detailed stakeholder engagement with government, other landlords, community groups, tenants, and local authorities
> Developing the overall communication and branding strategy

> Studying, review and inputting into urban policies to ensure more progressive, inclusive and integrated outcomes
> Visiting and documenting global best practice examples and case studies, sharing this knowledge across our networks and projects
> Engaging with the forefront of new urban ideas for cities, and investigating new approaches and technologies responding to urban challenges
> Researching new strategies, methods and tools across the development, planning and design fields
> Creating opportunities for exchanges between cities, authorities and residents to share best-practices in policy focus areas

> Conducting research and analysis to identify challenges, and understand the local context, sporting needs, cultures, operations
> Public and government engagement using creative approaches e.g. labs, site meetings, workshops
> Making recommendations to improve the space over the short, medium and long term identifying responsible across interventions
> Developing and piloting tactical interventions and other rapid and light improvements
> Communicating and build awareness with media, stakeholders and community groups
> Conducting monitoring, documenting lessons and sourcing international precedents
> Identifying or procuring designers through competitions, charrettes or other public calls

> Foster spaces for collaboration between different cities and countries
> Encouraging effective public-private cooperation and identifying opportunities for joint initiatives
> Lobby for improved efficiency and support from public sector
> Bringing together different disciplines, fields and practitioners including the academic sector
> Hosting networking opportunities, events and tours which increase the accessibility of knowledge about cities and spaces

> Observe and study how people and vehicles are moving, generating data and field reports to feed into area-based projects
> Measure and investigate walkability and the overall quality of the public realm for transport infrastructure and people
> Developing walkability and accessibility strategies working closely with communities, urban designers, planners and engineers
> Mapping key stakeholders, agencies and partners in the mobility sector
> Explore and study future urban mobility trends and opportunities linked to our network of mobility startups
> Frame corporate or private sector contributions to mobility challenges

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