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This is how we transform cities, communities and spaces.

We are based out of Cape Town. Our experience is in South African and African contexts but we work in cities worldwide.

Our network brings together specialists from various backgrounds - including planners, anthropologists, actuaries, designers and researchers - united by our passion for cities and willingness to engage with urban issues. We are led by Rashiq Fataar, a respected urbanist with a long history of work in the field.

We lead, co-create and deliver projects which align with our goals of more visionary, sustainable and inclusive cities for all.

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> Facilitating the development vision and urban strategy for sports precincts, neighbourhoods and city districts
> Identifying challenges and opportunities on a city-region scale and building in foresight
> Managing processes to enhance collaboration with planners, designers, engineers and all professionals involved
> Overseeing design or planning competitions and charrettes tapping into our vast national and global network
> Developing the overarching placemaking strategy for the area or project
> Conducting detailed stakeholder engagement with government, other landlords, community groups, tenants, and local authorities
> Developing the overall communication and branding strategy

> Studying, review and inputting into urban policies to ensure more progressive, inclusive and integrated outcomes
> Visiting and documenting global best practice examples and case studies, sharing this knowledge across our networks and projects
> Engaging with the forefront of new urban ideas for cities, and investigating new approaches and technologies responding to urban challenges
> Researching new strategies, methods and tools across the development, planning and design fields
> Creating opportunities for exchanges between cities, authorities and residents to share best-practices in policy focus areas

> Conducting research and analysis to identify challenges, and understand the local context, sporting needs, cultures, operations
> Public and government engagement using creative approaches e.g. labs, site meetings, workshops
> Making recommendations to improve the space over the short, medium and long term identifying responsible across interventions
> Developing and piloting tactical interventions and other rapid and light improvements
> Communicating and build awareness with media, stakeholders and community groups
> Conducting monitoring, documenting lessons and sourcing international precedents
> Identifying or procuring designers through competitions, charrettes or other public calls

> Foster spaces for collaboration between different cities and countries
> Encouraging effective public-private cooperation and identifying opportunities for joint initiatives
> Lobby for improved efficiency and support from public sector
> Bringing together different disciplines, fields and practitioners including the academic sector
> Hosting networking opportunities, events and tours which increase the accessibility of knowledge about cities and spaces

> Observe and study how people and vehicles are moving, generating data and field reports to feed into area-based projects
> Measure and investigate walkability and the overall quality of the public realm for transport infrastructure and people
> Developing walkability and accessibility strategies working closely with communities, urban designers, planners and engineers
> Mapping key stakeholders, agencies and partners in the mobility sector
> Explore and study future urban mobility trends and opportunities linked to our network of mobility startups
> Frame corporate or private sector contributions to mobility challenges

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