Our knowledge, experience and independence can co-create innovative ideas, projects, and cities with you.

research and consulting

Conducting active research across the fields of public spaces, non-motorised transport, design and architecture. This includes research through all stages of a project including : pre-feasibility, pre-design, design and post-design or monitoring as well as using experimental methods.

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public and community engagement

Developing strategies to enhance and facilitate constructive engagement and participation with the public and communities. This is achieved through face to face dialogues/methods as well through online and social media strategies.

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communication and content strategies

Co-creating a communication and content strategy for organisations related to the fields of urbanism, architecture, design and sustainability.

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tours and knowledge programmes

Conceptualising and developing tours and programmes related to the fields of architecture, urbanism, planning and cities. We have previously worked with a number of local and international universities, professional groups, designers, embassies, property developers, and economic development agencies

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design competitions and strategies

Conceptualising and operating the entire design competition process, including : drafting the brief, ethics and privacy, managing the entries, engagement with entrants, evaluation and final reports. In addition, leadership of the organisation are invited as jury members or critics to design competitions and research studios.

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creative events and conferences

We host events in the field of urbanism and sustainability, and also collaborate with various organisations to run creative spaces and support knowledge sharing.

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presentations, exhibitions and training

We share our knowledge and learnings with organisations and institutions interested in being exposed to a particular field of urbanism including advocacy strategies, public space projects, conference presentations and workshops.

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