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Watch: What will South Africa look like by 2030?

What are the current challenges South Africa faces, and in the face of such issues, what might our country look like in 16 years? The following short clip provides an overview of South Africa’s current state and predicts a future of increased socioeconomic progress.

South African Futures 2030: How Bafana Bafana made Mandela Magic

South Africa in 2030: What is possible?

Where could South Africa be headed by 2030? The ISS have just released a paper and infographic looking at various scenarios.


Sydney, a city with two voices

Getting a city behind a common vision is a challenge, and one Sydney is facing head on.


Video: A glimpse into Cape Town 2030. A connected city.

This is the vision for a section of the Cape Town CBD for the year 2030. The idea is the brain child of Mokena Makeka, the Principal and Creative Director of Makeka Design Lab.


Future Nairobi: A 2030 City Masterplan – 6 new towns planned

Nairobi looks to the future with a new 2030 City Masterplan. 6 new towns planned.