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INFOGRAPHIC: Ideas to tackle Cape Town’s big challenges

Energy, water, food and labour absorption challenges presented along with key ideas and opportunities at the recent Accelerate Cape Town AGM.

Ideas to jumpstart Cape Town’s economy

Having a vision, dreaming big and thinking inclusively with that vision, a focus on technology innovation and business partnering meaningfully with government, Higher Education and civil society were the central themes of Accelerate Cape Town’s AGM held today in the city.

Western Cape business leaders meet to discuss global megatrends

“In a rapidly changing globalised world, megatrends pose serious risks to the way we do business. Companies that want to remain successful will have to safely navigate the challenges posed by these factors – or risk becoming obsolete.”

So says Chris Whelan, CEO of business think-tank Accelerate Cape Town, while addressing a quarterly gathering of the […]

New Accelerate Cape Town CEO shares vision for Cape Town at AGM

“For Cape Town to realise its vision of become Africa’s global city, the role of business needs to extend beyond the boardroom by ensuring a sustainable business environment that is resilient to the challenges of the day,” says Chris Whelan, the new CEO of Accelerate Cape Town.