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Why cycling should matter when planning the future of South African cities | FUTURE CAPE TOWN

South Africa is not a country of cars. In fact, the majority do not own cars. Brett Petzer makes the case for cycling, and why it should matter to the future planning of South African cities.

Watch: Durban uses architecture for pedestrian-friendly spaces

Watch this short video about how Durban took a rarely-used district and converted it into a pedestrian-friendly hub. What other architectural initiatives can increase residents’ accessibility within their cities?

A weekend conversation: Are youth included in the vision of a city, and do they care?

Our weekend question series invites the public to think about an issue, and weigh in on the debate with their own comments. This week’s opening question surrounds the idea of youth involvement in the city. Do youth currently feel involved in their city, and perhaps more to the point, do they even care?

Cape Town Stadium: Accessible versus transparent.

After a comprehensive public participation process about the Cape Town Stadium business plan and proposed operating model, a public-private partnership model was approved in Council, but finding the document was not so easy.

Bold City: Public Transport Accessibility

A presentation by Frank Cummings outlining the interconnections between housing and accessible transport solutions in Cape Town.

Ideas to make our cities more accessible

Our favourite ideas from our most recent #CityTalk to help create a more accessible urban world.