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Upgrades : Cape Town International Airport

ACSA (The Airports Company of SA) is planning to realign the runway at Cape Town International Airport to make room for larger aircraft.

Watch : Is Blikkiesdorp Home ? The issues around a controversial Temporary Relocation Area | FUTURE CAPE TOWN

Is Blikkiesdorp Home? explores the several issues the residents of Blikkiesdorp are facing and their struggle to have access to more information concerning a future relocation.

Bigger Cape Town International Airport runway expected to start construction at end of 2014.

A realigned Cape Town International Airport runway is expected to start construction through six phases aiming to be completed by 2017. The new runway will be a slightly longer, but much wider to accomodate big commercial aircrafts such as the Airbus A380.

A new airport for Cape Town in 2040?

As part of the public comment process for the Cape Town Spatial Development Framework (SDF), various organizations, individuals etc. were invited to comment on the documents relating to this framework. According to the City of Cape Town, an SDF “is a useful and effective tool with which to manage and monitor growth and development in […]