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#TransportMonth: Part 2 of Czech Saga

Continued: Robert Bowen’s e-mail to his Dad from his time traveling in Europe
I was on this train and had to change at this place uzii – something. After a while I arrived at another rural rundown once communistically grand station. I saw an information sign and went to ask what to do next, some […]

#TransportMonth from Shanghai: Life at over 300km/h!

by Rashiq Fataar

I would not advise sleeping two hours before departing one city for another, especially when trying out a new route to Pudong Airport in Shanghai. I insisted that at some point in time we used the Magnificent Maglev. The mission was therefore simple. Wake up early enough to take the Metro, using […]

Cruise Facilities in Cape Town: Experiences of a traveller

A recent report, “Cruise Liner Study for Southern Africa” commissioned by the National Cruise Liner Steering Committee notes that for Cape Town, the “immediate challenge is to improve visitor reception especially in the Table Bay Harbour and ensuring that smaller ships that are moored in the V&A Harbour receive a pleasant reception in the Mother […]