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FUTURE CAPE TOWN | 3 ideas to expand the South African National Art Gallery in Cape Town

Young architects at the University of Cape Town present design concepts for expansion of the South African National Gallery in Cape Town.


FUTURE CAPE TOWN | 5 South African architecture firm entries for the Guggenheim Helsinki

We take a look at some of the proposals by South African architecture firms for the proposed Guggenheim museum in Helsinki.


Cape Town design in Lagos: Interview with Greg Truen

From Cape Town to Lagos. Olamide Udoma recently sat down with architect Greg Truen in Lagos, a partner in the Cape Town based firm SAOTA. He tells us what it is like working on projects across Africa and why he may just be scratching the surface.


The Los Angeles Park That Used to be a Parking Lot

Los Angeles’ 50 Parks Initiative was launched in August of 2012 by then-Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and aims to transform underutilized properties in areas lacking recreational space into parks. The 16th park to open as part of this scheme is located on Spring Street in the city’s downtown and saw its official opening on June 17th. Lehrer Architects partnered on the project with the City of Los Angeles, and Michael Lehrer talks about his work on Spring Street Park.


Building a City of Neighborhoods

Architect Mokena Makeka discusses housing inequality in Cape Town, and gives Urban Africa an insight into his dreams for the city. Interview by Future Cape Town’s Brett Petzer.

Mapping today’s top architects across the global lens

My Architect offers a global view of the presence and work of a selection of the world’s greatest architects today. Designed under the same principles and built from a very similar set of components as the Eyes of the World, a previous project done by the lab, it serves as an extension of that project […]