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The Cities This Week: Edition 60

News and views from cities around the world this week.

A student demonstrator waves a flag of Colombian National University during a protest against the government of President Juan Manuel Santos in Bogota August 29, 2013. REUTERS/John Vizcaino

The Cities This Week: Edition 31

News and views from cities around the world this week.


Re-thinking a new Athens city centre

Re-thinking the city centre of Athens. The Onassis Foundation organized and funded a European Architectural Competition for the creation of a new city centre, a project centered around Panepistimiou Street.

Cable cars set for Nigeria's captial?

The Cities This Week: Edition 5

News and views from cities around the world this past week.

A rust-covered stairway in the 2004 Athens Olympic Games Complex. Picture: Oli Scarff/Getty Images Europe

In Pictures: Olympic Decay

Olympic Cities can spend billions in preparation for their hosting duties but without a long-term strategy what happens to Olympic infrastructure once the Games leave town?

Picture: © Glowimages/Getty Images

Olympic Cities: Legacies

With the question of legacy weighing heavily on the upcoming 2012 London Games, Future Cape Town considers the lasting legacies in the Olympic Cities of the past two decades.

The Olympic Rings Are Installed At Tower Bridge

#CityTalk: Olympic Cities – From day 18 onwards.

[ July 30, 2012; 8:00 pm to 9:00 pm. ] Our latest #CityTalk will discuss and debate the journeys of past, present and future Olympic Cities, and crowdsource ideas for solutions to the challenges of hosting one of the word’s largest events.