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Future Cape Town, Future Lagos cover 5 cities in one month, spark collaborations

FUTURE CAPE TOWN and FUTURE LAGOS have over the past month exported and shared our knowledge at multiple fora in cities outside of Cape Town and Lagos, including Barcelona, Medellin and Bristol.

Should Cities be Built to Make People Happy

Is paradise a large metropolis? As city dwellers, we’re prone to believing that the good life is found on a desolate beach far from the cacophony of any urban environment. Cities, to their credit however, actually make us much happier than we might otherwise believe.

Can markets make for a better future Cape Town?

In Cape Town, markets have grown in popularity in a very short time. From the days of the old car boot sale at Milnerton, to weekly food markets at municipal halls; we’ve now progressed to see a wide variety of different markets. But how can more markets bring Capetonians together as part of their everyday life, and is it something they wish to have?

How Public Spaces Revive Cities

The key to restoring life to our public places the chance to have fun, hang out with other folks, and enjoy the surroundings.

INFOGRAPHIC: 6 Cities in Europe that Offer the Best Cultural Experiences.

Did you know that London has been rated as the 55th most livable city in the world, or that Paris has the highest number of Michelin starred restaurants? Barcelona ranks in as the city with the most UNESCO World Heritage Sites and Amsterdam is the birthplace of Vincent van Gogh and Ann Frank. This infographic, created by our friends over at HouseTrip, offers an array of fascinating facts about the six most culturally appealing cities in Europe.

Barcelona, and the journey of urban transformation

The urban transformation of Barcelona, while accelerated by the hosting of the Olympic Games, began more than a decade before 1992, as a new democracy dawned on a once lesser known Spanish city. Here is a brief look at the journey of the now iconic Olympic city.

In 180 seconds: Barcelona’s Olympic transformation

Watch a 3 minute “time-lapse” of Barcelona’s urban and physical transformation before the 1992 Olympic Games.

Olympic Cities: Legacies

With the question of legacy weighing heavily on the upcoming 2012 London Games, Future Cape Town considers the lasting legacies in the Olympic Cities of the past two decades.

#CityTalk: Olympic Cities – From day 18 onwards.

[ July 30, 2012; 8:00 pm to 9:00 pm. ] Our latest #CityTalk will discuss and debate the journeys of past, present and future Olympic Cities, and crowdsource ideas for solutions to the challenges of hosting one of the word’s largest events.

Lessons for Cape Town to approach global events like the Olympic Games

How can Cape Town learn from cities which have already hosted the Olympic Games?