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INFOGRAPHIC: 6 Cities in Europe that Offer the Best Cultural Experiences.

Did you know that London has been rated as the 55th most livable city in the world, or that Paris has the highest number of Michelin starred restaurants? Barcelona ranks in as the city with the most UNESCO World Heritage Sites and Amsterdam is the birthplace of Vincent van Gogh and Ann Frank. This infographic, created by our friends over at HouseTrip, offers an array of fascinating facts about the six most culturally appealing cities in Europe.

Creative Gravitation in Berlin

Vivien Park writes about the exploration of Berlin as an environment for creating and expanding the infrastructure for cultural exchange. “In the Belly of A Whale,” a documentary by Andreas Lamoth and Frederic Leitzke, provides a close look at the creative gravitational forces of Berlin, where culture producers of many different kinds have found a place.

#TransportMonth from Berlin: Ring-around-the-Berlin

by Mayra Hartmann

Traditionally Germany is known for hard-work, punctuality, no humour and being as straight-laced as they come. Such is also the public transport system, and apart from the constant construction due to numerous upgrades it’s absolutely flawless. One of such upgrades was creating a line that goes right around the city in a continuous […]