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The Skycycle: A Plan for the People?

Julia Thayne considers the latest proposal to enter London’s precarious cycle safety debate: the Skycycle. A multi-million pound plan that lift cycle routes off London’s streets- is this a plan for the people?

Source: jez s/ flickr

How cycling in London could be more like Copenhagen

Tom Payne takes a comparative look cycling infrastructure in Copenhagen and London in search of answers as to why cycling infrastructure in London remains so poor.


Life In The Bike Lane

This video shows some perspectives on cycling in the city of Philadelphia. Cyclists do not feel safe on the streets.


Cape Town’s BMT bicycle deathtrap

The new bus and public transport lanes give priority to buses and taxis in peaks hours but what about the cyclists?


Future Smart Reads, 30 Sept 2012

From Detroit to Cape Town, here are the articles and ideas which grabbed our attention in the past 2 weeks.

The Lone Cyclist tackles Cape Town’s new cycle lanes.

In Part 1 of a series, Adriaan Bester, tackles Cape Town’s new bicycle lanes in and around the city.

Cape Town a Cyclist-Friendly City? New bicycle facilities in Green Point. Will you use them?

New bicycle facilities in Green Point.

Will you use them?