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Bold City: Cycling in 2030

Gail Jennings described the challenges and complexities of cycling in Cape Town from the perspective of a cyclist and what to expect in 2030.

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The Future of Transport is about Sharing

Urban transport’s third revolution: sharing systems. More than gadgets for blasé urban dwellers, Justinien Tribillon analyses why and how these schemes constitute a growing trend in urban transportation infrastructures.

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Cycling in the City: Justinien Tribillon in London

Cycling in the City is a special Transport Month 2013 feature interviewing cyclists about their experiences as a cyclist in different communities and cities. This time we head to London, where Justinien Tribillon shares his experience in London and loved of shared spaces.

TEDCity2.0 2013 - September 20, 2013, New York, NY. Photo: Ryan Lash

WATCH: Creating a better city through betters streets and spaces.

Janette Sadik-Khan, the transportation commissioner of New York City, shares projects that have reshaped street life in the 5 boroughs, including pedestrian zones in Times Square, high-performance buses and a 6,000-cycle-strong bike share.


WATCH: Intermodality in Copenhagen.

In Episode 03 of the series, Copenhagenize Design Co. explores Intermodality as a key design element for making Copenhagen a bicycle-friendly city. Combining the bicycle on all forms of transport is vital.

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WATCH: The Green Wave for Cyclists.

The Green Wave is coordinated traffic lights for cyclists. Ride 20 km/h and you won’t put a foot down on your journey into the city centre in the morning and home again in the afternoon. On Nørrebrogade, the first street to feature the Green Wave, the number of cyclists increased by 15%. Traffic flow in the intense morning bicycle rush hour was improved, providing Citizen Cyclists with a smoother, more efficient journey.


5 ideas from Amsterdam that could work in Cape Town

In this edition of Ideas From Cities, Pamela Hellig explores some practical ideas from Amsterdam that could also work in Cape Town.

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6 Kickstarter projects for Cities

How is Kickstarter kick starting urban change? Here are 6 projects which do just that.