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FUTURE CAPE TOWN | WATCH : How to reimagine the streets of the future

In this funny and thought-provoking talk, Janette Sadik-Khan, transportation commissioner of New York City, shares projects that have reshaped street life in the 5 boroughs, including pedestrian zones in Times Square, high-performance buses and a 6,000-cycle-strong bike share. Her mantra: Do bold experiments that are cheap to try out.

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The Future of Transport is about Sharing

Urban transport’s third revolution: sharing systems. More than gadgets for blasé urban dwellers, Justinien Tribillon analyses why and how these schemes constitute a growing trend in urban transportation infrastructures.


Citibikes are a pain in the ass

“New York City is the greatest place on earth — but living here is a huge pain in the ass,” says filmmaker Casey Neistat in his short documentary. And what makes it oh-so-painful? The simple task of getting from Point A to Point B.


Watch: Tel Aviv bike shares

170 bike docking stations, 2,200 bikes and about 20,000 annual subscriptions. Learn more about Tel Aviv’s bike sharing system.