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Bold City: A rapid transit system which runs on algae

This presentation from Lloyd Martin demonstrated an innovative approach to alternative personal transit operated on biofuel derived from algae.


Bold City: Cycling in 2030

Gail Jennings described the challenges and complexities of cycling in Cape Town from the perspective of a cyclist and what to expect in 2030.


Bold City: Why the future is electric

Andy Le May presented on the possibility and the viability of a transport future dominated by electric vehicles at our previous Bold City mini-conference. The long standing and dominant issue with electric vehicles is in how to repower electric vehicles or EV.


Bold City: Students design innovative bus station

At Bold City 3.0, UCT graduate students presented The Loop Project, which they collectively designed while working across 3 continents. The brief was to design a bus transit centre, with a strong focus on the use of BIM (building information modelling).


Bold City: What next for transport in Cape Town?

Mobility and access continues to be a major challenge in Cape Town with fragmented transport services leading to spatial poverty traps for many Cape Town residents. Cllr Brett Heron speaks about these challenges.


Bold City: Future Stations

Dr. Luyanda Mphalwa of Design Space Africa is responsible for the design of up to 5 train stations to be completed revamped in the Metro South-East of Cape Town. He presents on future stations as integrated hubs at our 3rd Bold City conference.

Government should act on call for dialogue about cities

Future Cape Town and Future Johannesburg welcome the recent release of the discussion document “Towards an Integrated Urban Development Framework” by the Ministry of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs.

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MEDIA RELEASE: Speakers announced for BOLD CITY conference on the Future of Transport

With 8 speakers, which for the first time includes students, the third BOLD CITY conference, under the theme Future of Transport: 2013 to 2030, is expected to be an exciting forum for ideas and projects pushing innovation in transport . Tickets are on sale now and the event will take place at an iconic venue in The Fringe; The Bank at 71 Harrington Street.

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Future of Transport: 2013 to 2030

[ November 2, 2013; 10:00 am to 3:00 pm. ] Future Cape Town presents the 3rd BOLD CITY conference —an exciting forum, bringing the public closer to the ideas which could shape the future of our cities. Highlighting important, challenging, inspirational and practical ideas, the event will include presentations, discussions, workshops and networking opportunities.


Bold City: A Bold Vision for Cape Town Station

Bold Idea: To make available sought after land in and around Cape Town’s CBD, Sarah proposes that Cape Town station be placed underground. This is a bold idea because it would mean the reconstruction of the city’s largest public transport hub.