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Top architects and planners back new London Cycle Superhighways

Some of London’s top architects and planners come out in support of new cycle superhighways for the capital.

The Guggenheim New York, Bilbao and Abu Dhabi. Images (clockwise from top left) © Flickr CC User Erik Drost, © Flickr CC User RonG8888, and Courtesy of Gehry Partners. Image

Could London be Getting its Own Guggenheim Museum?

Will London be the newest location for the world-famous museum brand? And does it need it?

Kingston's plans for the £30million include a boardway along the River Thames

‘Mini-Hollands’ for London?

London’s Mayor has pledged to go “as Dutch as possible” in his quest to improve cycling infrastructure in the city- is this a meaningful reference point for London?

Source: @Doug88888/ flickr

Celebrating the Old Lady of Transit: London’s Year of the Bus

Often the overlooked piece of the transit puzzle, London declares 2014 the Year of the Bus.