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WATCH: How art is promoting the role of women in Rio’s favelas| FUTURE CAPE TOWN

French artist JR, uses huge photos of the faces and eyes of local women on houses in Rio’s favelas, to promote the key role of women in society.

FUTURE CAPE TOWN | What is a street? 10 cities explored through street films

A series of short films developed as part of the launch of the Global Street Design Guide have us going back to the drawing board, exploring past projects, articles and thoughts around the very definition of a street.

What is the legacy of the FIFA World Cup?: A CityTalk Review

What is the legacy of the World Cup on South Africa? We review responses from our participants who participated in last week’s #CityTalk.

#CityTalk: What is the Legacy of the World Cup?

With the World Cup in full fledge and some controversy associated with it and the 2022 edition, mega events in cities are back on the spot. It is hard to ignore that there has been a gigantic paradigm shift of how these events develop.

How to demolish a highway and open a port

WATCH: In 8 seconds, 300 meters of Elevated Perimeter Highway was imploded in Rio De Janeiro. Also learn about the major transformation and integration of the Rio Port area kickstarted by the Olympic Games.

Brazil’s World Cup Stadia: Go inside

With the Brazil World Cup 2014 just days a way, the excitement is building. Here’s a look inside the stadia.

The Cities This Week: Edition 29

News and views from cities around the world this week.

A Book Stop while you wait for the Bus

Imagine waiting for your bus and while you have the usual free newspapers to read, you also have access to a small library to choose books which you can take with you on your commute?

Why Oscar Niemeyer Matters

Why Oscar Niemeyer Matters: a tribute to a master of modernism (1907 – 2012)

Sao Paulo: A city with 180km traffic jams

The BBC reports on the South American city with 180km of traffic jams, Sao Paulo.