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Cape Town’s new tallest skyscraper set for construction

The new “tallest building” in Cape Town, is being planned across from Cape Town Station.

How will the public space at Cape Town station change? Unpacking the R1 billion development plan

Cape Town Station will undergo a third major upgrade for R1 billion. Read the analysis of the precinct to know how the forecourt as a public space will change.

What is the legacy of the Fan Walk?

What has been the legacy of Cape Town’s Fan Walk? How have our citizens appropriated it and what potential does it contain to be the beginning of activating our city at a pedestrian level?

What If – we build towers near stations and reclaim ocean pools?

What If is a week-long series showcasing some of the imaginative work produced by the UCT Architecture Masters graduates of 2012.
Edition 1: Towers and pools.

Upgrading of Cape Town Station’s Strand Street Facade

Construction is currently underway to upgrade the outer facade of Cape Town Station on the Strand Street section. Below shows the history of design proposals for the facade.
What we have before us are two solutions to the same design inquiry. Where one proposal is bold loud and attention grabbing the other steps back humbly falling […]

Cape Town Central Station redevelopment continues All images courtesy of Andre Wessels our favourite

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Construction on the Strand Street facade

Steel and glass retail pods unveiled

View of the retail pods in the concourse

Temporary structures for traders

View of temporary structures for traders

Close-up of work on the facade

The refurbished Strand Street […]

Cape Town Station Square comes alive again on World Tourism Day

In a previous blog post, we highlighted the new role of Cape Town Station Square, after the major upgrade which took place before the 2010 FIFA World Cup. More recently it became the focal point of celebrations on World Tourism Day, the culmination of World Tourism month.

A once cluttered space, combining trees, grass, traders & […]