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Hamburg Car Free Green Space Map

Hamburg’s Plan to Eliminate Cars in 20 Years

With many cities acknowledging the drawbacks of automobiles, car free options are starting to be seriously considered. South Koreans recently went without their cars for a month. In Cape Town, this UCT project considered the implications of a car-free Cape Town, and there are the ongoing talks about making Long Street a pedestrianised road. But how about a city vision for no cars? Hamburg has an ambitious plan to achieve a car free city within the next 20 years.

#TransportMonth from Cape Town: BMW in the cycle lanes

by Adriaan Bester

As much as public transport in Cape Town is a priority to some, and a dream for city planners, its far from being a state of mind to all. Motorists battle firstly to reduce time spent in their pricy cars, and when they do, still find newly built cycle lanes convenient to park […]