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FUTURE CAPE TOWN | Why are our city spaces designed for serial killers?

Sean Dayton questions a disturbing phenomenon in Cape Town: nowhere spaces designed to help serial killers get away with murder.

FUTURE CAPE TOWN | How we will be taking over parking bays for PARK(ing) Day 2015

Future Cape Town, Blok and Young Urbanists propose 4 differents interventions during September 18th PARK(ing) Day.

WATCH: Getting Animated about TOD in Mexico

TOD is a tool for combating urban sprawl. This would mean concentrating development of housing, businesses, and services around public transit stations. TOD also takes priority away from the personal automobile and allows us to walk and cycle in a connected city.

The number crunch: Predicting motorization in China

China’s dramatic increase in motorized vehicle use has greatly exceeded past predictions. Now, latest estimates suggest that, by 2050, as many as one billion vehicles (excluding electric bikes and rural vehicles) will be on the road in China. This is equivalent to the current total global vehicle population. Can China accommodate this number of vehicles? Will motorization surpass even this estimate?

The Rise and Fall of Suburbia

By pure chance, I came across two films that show the rise and fall of the suburban American Dream. The first of the two, The City (1939), is propaganda-like. It sells the idea of the suburban city, what it calls “a new kind of city”. Around that time, when cities were industrial, dirty, overcrowded, and […]

Do our roads promote reckless driving?

If our streets and roads are designed as wide, multi-lane race tracks, who is really at fault for speeding and reckless driving?

Alternative measures of Cape Town’s car addiction

Can the count of car-related businesses act as a barometer of the car dominated world that is Cape Town? Gareth Pearson explores the streets to find out more.

Sao Paulo: A city with 180km traffic jams

The BBC reports on the South American city with 180km of traffic jams, Sao Paulo.

10 of 17: Electric vehicles ready to hit Intercity Highways

Reducing our dependance on cars could be one of the biggest sustainability challenges, and one which COP17 is unlikely to find a solution to. But do we really need to give up cars to be sustainable? In our 10th article in a series of 17 Sustainable Ideas for COP17,  Roger East of Green Futures looks […]

#TheFringe: A crushing idea for Harrington Square.

When we asked the Future Cape Town team to come up with ideas for the improvement of Harrington Square, we didn’t quite expect this. In hindsight, a car crushing and melting machine makes complete sense and would get rid of the cars. Quite important when aiming to create a public space. The melting of cars […]