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Young people building a new vision for Port Elizabeth : Young Urbanists meet in Nelson Mandela Bay

On September, Port Elizabeth had the opening of a new Young Urbanists chapter

Why activism matters when designing public space | FUTURE CAPE TOWN

On May 4th, Future Cape Town and the Urban Design Institute of South Africa, platformed an event to discuss the future of public spaces and the vital role which activism plays to drive it forward.

Participating in planning our cities: Our next #CityTalk

Often city development in its many forms is seen as top down job exclusively done by professionals in many fields such as infrastructure, policy, architecture, etc. However, lesser known and increasing in practice, are those processes that make the citizen the expert and main agent of transformation. Join our next #CityTalk this Wednesday.

Preview: City Talk III – Are you your city? Is your city you?

By Harry Verhaar – Head of Sustainability at Philips
Are you your city? Not the usual question one might ask, but in a way, we are all part of our cities, for without citizens, they would not be what they are. The identity of a city bears on the identity of its citizens, and vice versa. […]

“Viva Chaos” (in cities) says architect Daniel Libeskind

by Daniel Libeskind
Design democracy and technology mean our cities will be shaped by citizens rather than authorities in the future, thus they will be less ordered and more like giant works of art. Come on, embrace the mess.

Visions of the future of the city have been disseminated through the media of literature and film and […]

City Pride: Civicism not patriotism?


The following excerpt is from a book I have started reading, titled The Spirit of Cities by Daniel A. Bell and Avner de-Shalit.
In political practice, cities are often sites of collective self-determination, but contemporary thinkers fail to theorize in ways designed to provide informed judgments about what’s good and what’s bad about urban pride, the […]