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R4.1 billion Khayelitsha-Wynberg MyCiTi trunk route to be launched by 2020

Two trunk routes share an 8 km segment, providing several transfer opportunities; from Khayelitsha to Wynberg and Mitchell’s Plain to Claremont.

Apartheid geography and murder in Cape Town

Class and race inequality (meaning disparities in wealth, income and education) are vital to understanding murder. Related to this is geographic apartheid, meaning historical (and today’s) “dumping” of the poorest and most vulnerable people furthest away from CBDs and traditionally white suburbs.

Werdmuller Centre: the context, the people and the possibilities

Cape Town’s Werdmuller Centre, an iconic modernist building designed by renowned architect, urbanist and teacher, Roelof Uytenbogaardt, is under threat of demolition.

Demolition on the cards for Werdmuller Centre

What does the future hold for the iconic Werdmuller Centre? Uytenbogaardt’s 1967 aspiration for a democratic architecture was never realized; an architecture that sought to use a building to draw people together, by creating an inclusive space in what was and remains a disconnected Claremont.